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Ōkami Inu
2 min readJun 7, 2021


Good day Ōkami Community,

Roughly 2 weeks ago Ōkami Inu was launched on BSC. Since then the community has grown and the project has as well. The team has been actively engaged with the community and been taking part in many of the discussions in our Telegram channel. But that is not all they have been up to. Behind the scenes the Okami Development team has been tirelessly to grow and expand the project, to give the community the best it has to offer.

The Future is Now

In its next step to lead the dog coin pack, Ōkami Inu will be soon launching its first series of NFTs. These unique NFTs have been carefully crafted by the team’s graphic designers and will be released within the upcoming week or two. The Ōkami NFT series will be available through its own Ōkami NFT platform where the NFTs can be bought with $OKK.

Ōkami Swap

What’s more is that, once the Ōkami NFT platform and NFTs are up and running the team already has its next steps planned! Ōkami Inu has already started working on developing its very own swap. The swap will have many features but one of the features that the team is very excited about is the staking feature. By staking $OKK, users will be able to earn and farm Ōkami pups! That’s right our Ōkami is having puppies, and users will be able to earn and trade the pup tokens from the soon to be launched swap! As the Ōkami project grows, these pups will be rewarded to investors and holders of $OKK, growing the entire ecosystem being built around our favourite wolf-dog token!

Road Map

2021 — Q1

Ōkami Inu, the wolf idea is born

2021 — Q2

Token Launch

CMS Posts

Trending Coinhunt

Trending on Coinsniper

Social Media Raids

Blockfolio Application

Poocoin Ads

2021 — June

NFTs and NFT Platform


Coin Market Cap


Coinhunt Ads

2021 — Q3

Ōkami Swap



2021 — Q4

CEX Listings based on Community Vote

Cointiger Listing

2022 — Q1

Future Partnerships

Gate.io Listing

Of course the team may have a few more surprises up their sleeves! Stay tuned for more news!

Important Links

Website: okami.dog

Medium: okami-inu.medium.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/okami_inu_bsc

Telegram: @ookami_inu



Ōkami Inu

The Wolf on BSC that is going to take over all dog memecoins!